Monday, July 2, 2012

Tool #9

1. Its important to tie the objective to the technology because you want your students to know what expectations they will have in accordance to the technology. You want them to know that the objective is the technology and they will be expected to use the technology to perform a specific task. 
2. It is important to hold the students accountable for the stations/centers because you want your students to be involved in the station/center so that they can demonstrate mastery of the objective. You want your students to be engaged while in the station.
3. Unfortunately, there was not a lot of websites that had activities on Health Fitness, except the SBISD Interactive Database and Learning Games for Kids. I would use the apps on the SBISD Interactive Database that are exclusive for Health Fitness and make centers were students would have to complete a task and at the end write what they have learned in journals. I am kind of skeptical about the Learning Games for Kids website because it seems that the games are for smaller children and not high school students. Nonetheless, I would have my student use their i-touch to play the games on the website. 
4. I have downloaded BMI ( Bocy Mass INDEX), Lose It, and RunKeeper Pro. My stations will look like the  following: In the first station, my students will use the BMI on the i-touch to calculate their body mass index. Once they know their body mass index they will write down their results in their journals. Next, they will use the Loose it app to set goals, establish a calorie count, and track their progress. Because students cannot take their i-touch home, I will have them track their progress in their journals and create personal Loose it accounts so that they can go back and input data. I am thinking of creating personal tracking charts based on the Loose it app that students can take home or staple to their journals, to make it easier for my students to write down their information. Finally, my students will rotate to the center where they will use the RunKeeper Pro app. I will have specific workouts, both of high and low intensity, that they can choose from and perform. Documents in a folder will explain in detail how to perform each workout. My students will be expected to write down how many calories they burned, summarize their exertion graph, and time spent exercising, in their journals. 
5. I think it will be a good idea to have students use the i-touch to record each other performing however many push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, and squats they can do. 

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