Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tool #8

The only device that will be in my classroom this fall will be an iPod Touch. Already having an iPhone, and have used and set up i Pads and iPod Touches in another school that I was previously employed, I am very familiar with the device and its software. This past school year, I actually downloaded a couple of Health Fitness apps in my iPhone. I had a few of my students play with the apps and provide me with feedback. I was able to determine which apps my students were most interested in. I think managing the devices will be challenging because our classroom is either a gymnasium or the outdoors. I will definitely create and implement technology guidelines that my students will sign. They will also have to sign a document establishing the proper usage and procedures in handling the devices. In this document, students will understand what they are being held accountable for and what are the consequences of defying the procedures. Because my class size is pretty big, I will have to assign a group of students with collecting and handing out the iPods. These students will have to make sure that all iPods are turned off and report any damages. I believe that assigning numbers to the iPods will be a good idea for the overall distribution of the devices. It will help me determine which student is assigned to which iPod. Furthermore, I will spend a couple of days explaining to my students how we will be using the iPods and when we will be using them.

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