Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tool #7

Content Objective: TLW apply how to bench press, chest press, or leg curl by demonstrating the proper form and technique needed while exercising on these weight-room machines in order to avoid any serious injuries.

Implementation: The third week of the fall semester. The unit will proceed for two weeks.
I expect to take my students to the library and obtain the necessary information to complete this collaborative project.

Tools: Prezi, YouTube, Google Docs, and Skype

Plan: The plan is to research proper wight lifting techniques in particular the bench press, chest press, and leg curl (I will add additional options according to class size). My students will get in groups and choose from either of the three weight room machines. The idea is to gather enough information about the three weight lifting techniques through Google Docs.  They will be able to share any documents found and created on Google Docs. Furthermore, they will also be using YouTube to find videos on either technique to provide feedback on their perception of the proper form vs. the videos demonstration of a proper form. I also expect my students to gather information and discuss the importance of avoiding injuries, repetitions, sets, and number of weights by creating a video in Prezi. In the end we will use Skype to show our findings and ultimately model the proper way to bench press, chest press, or leg curl.

Collaboration: I hope to collaborate with another high school Health Fitness class to demonstrate our findings. I would like for the other class to share their findings of other techniques that my classroom is not doing so that both classrooms are able to learn about proper weightlifting forms. In the end, the goal is to get my students motivated so that when they step foot inside a gym they are not intimidated by the weightlifting machines, instead they are confident with engaging in weightlifting.

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