Monday, June 25, 2012

Tool #6

I really enjoyed tool number six, it might actually be my favorite tool so far! I found a lot of interesting web tools that will be very cool to use in my classroom. Unfortunately, I will have to plan more accordingly to use such tools because some of the web tools require materials that my students do not have access to during Health Fitness. None the less, I will still like to try it out and see if these tools promote discussion in my class. The two tools I really like are, Today's Meet and Poll Everywhere. With Today's Meet, I really like how a discussion continues through a text or tweet. I would use this tool at the end of class, after my students are done dressing out, to start a discussion of a certain topic or to review what we all learned that day. You can find a sample of my Today's Meet With Poll Everywhere, you can create a poll and use it as a multiple choice or open ended quiz/test. I can see a lot of teachers using this tool, especially as bell work. I would use the poll as a quiz and have my students respond to the answers during class. Both tools allow the student to respond via text message. Today, our generation tends to communicate without saying a single word...instead we use text messaging, twitter, and instant messaging. Even though my students will not be talking to each other with words, it still promotes discussion via text messaging. Here is a sample of my poll 
I can not wait to use these tools in my class!!!!

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