Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tool #3

I found School Tube and Teacher Tube to be more useful for my students because these two sites have more educational videos in Health Fitness. I especially liked School Tube, because I found a lot of videos on FITNESSGRAM, and weight lifting. By my surprise, Kids Tube did not really have any videos that I could or would use in my classroom. I have attached two videos that I will use in my classroom. One video is the official music video of "Move your Body" by Beyonce. The other video shows a middle school class performing the dance routine to the official music video http://bit.ly/pUuwvp . I actually would like to try and re-create the video so that my students can too, "move their bodies"

Reading on copyright and fair use, I realized how much more complicated and serious the issue is, especially for teachers. Attribution is extremely important in school projects. It is a topic that teachers must cover during class in order to not break the law. Unfortunately, copyright and fair use guidelines have become more complicated and this only makes it harder for individuals to understand.

I actually have a personal Drop Box account. I use it on a daily basis to store my personal files. In my classroom, I would use it to store Health Fitness articles and videos. These articles would be accessible to my students in and outside of the classroom. They will be able to access them through the I-touches we will have available in the upcoming school year. I will be putting nutritional charts and labels, as well as "how to videos" on proper work out techniques. I am also thinking about adding health surveys and classroom surveys that my students can fill out and send them to me via email.

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