Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In case you are having trouble accessing the 21st Century Skills Self Assessment -11 Tools in Atomic Learning...contact Karen Justl at Karen.Justl@springbranchisd.com. When I went to take the assessment, it was missing under My Training. She was very quick in responding and helping solve the problem. 

Tool #11

1. Gosh! I actually have a lot of favorite tools, like, Prezi, Pool Everywhere, Edmodo, Atomic Learning, and Make Belief Comix. I plan for my students to use Make Belief Comix to explain why its is important to maintain a good health, not only through exercise but nutrition as well. I hope they have fun creating their very own Health Fitness comic strips.
2. Now that I am on the last tool, I have new knowledge on how to educate my students through the use of technology. Being in Health Fitness, my students have to be kinesthetic learners. Everything we do involves some type of physical activity. Because of this, I will definitely have to make changes to my classroom to accommodate the 21st century learner. For my students to go to the library, which I have never taken them before, and explore more information on a particular unit of Health Fitness, doesn't seem so bad after all. I think my students should and  need to acquire specific knowledge on a task so that when it comes time to execute that task, they will be ready, and what better way to do that then through the use of technology!
3. I was very surprised about the numerous tools out there. I really had no idea that there is so much a teacher can do and use to bring technology into the classroom, aside from using YouTube! I wish there were more tools geared towards Health Fitness. I would have loved to receive more devices in my classroom,
especially with the class size that I normally have. One of the devices that I think my classroom should have gotten is the Xbox 360 and Kinect. I know my students would have put these devices to good use. Nonetheless, I enjoyed doing these 11 tools. I truly learned a lot, and I only hope to provide the same knowledge to my students. Implementation is always hard, it is a trial and error waiting to happen, and I must take the leap of faith in hopes that my students learn through technology. I have no fear, for now I am technology fit!
Tool #10

1. I want my students to understand that one of the reasons SBISD blocks certain websites is to protect students from inappropriate content. I want my students to also understand that violating the districts policy can lead to serious implications. I would like them to know what is digital citizenship and why it is important. Digital citizenship not only means protecting students from bad content and bad people in the digital world, but it also means that students have the power to access the wide range of information, create, and share information in the digital world, with safety in mind. And because they have the power to do such a thing, as educators we must teach our students how to judge content and navigate in this fast growing digital world.
2. Common Sense-Ed Tech Website offers great lesson plans to educate students on digital citizenship. 
3. I will use the lesson plans on Common Sense, I-safe, and Atomic Learning to teach my students about digital citizenship, in particular, cyber relationships, security malicious code, intellectual property, and privacy on the internet. The websites mentioned has great worksheet activities, like the one posted below. 
4. It is important for parents to also understand the idea of digital citizenship. Therefore; I plan on sending a letter home to parents explaining what is digital citizenship, what is expected of all students, and the consequences of violating the classroom and district internet policy. Parents will be required to sign the letter stating that they understand the policy and the terms and conditions. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Tool #9

1. Its important to tie the objective to the technology because you want your students to know what expectations they will have in accordance to the technology. You want them to know that the objective is the technology and they will be expected to use the technology to perform a specific task. 
2. It is important to hold the students accountable for the stations/centers because you want your students to be involved in the station/center so that they can demonstrate mastery of the objective. You want your students to be engaged while in the station.
3. Unfortunately, there was not a lot of websites that had activities on Health Fitness, except the SBISD Interactive Database and Learning Games for Kids. I would use the apps on the SBISD Interactive Database that are exclusive for Health Fitness and make centers were students would have to complete a task and at the end write what they have learned in journals. I am kind of skeptical about the Learning Games for Kids website because it seems that the games are for smaller children and not high school students. Nonetheless, I would have my student use their i-touch to play the games on the website. 
4. I have downloaded BMI ( Bocy Mass INDEX), Lose It, and RunKeeper Pro. My stations will look like the  following: In the first station, my students will use the BMI on the i-touch to calculate their body mass index. Once they know their body mass index they will write down their results in their journals. Next, they will use the Loose it app to set goals, establish a calorie count, and track their progress. Because students cannot take their i-touch home, I will have them track their progress in their journals and create personal Loose it accounts so that they can go back and input data. I am thinking of creating personal tracking charts based on the Loose it app that students can take home or staple to their journals, to make it easier for my students to write down their information. Finally, my students will rotate to the center where they will use the RunKeeper Pro app. I will have specific workouts, both of high and low intensity, that they can choose from and perform. Documents in a folder will explain in detail how to perform each workout. My students will be expected to write down how many calories they burned, summarize their exertion graph, and time spent exercising, in their journals. 
5. I think it will be a good idea to have students use the i-touch to record each other performing however many push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, and squats they can do. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tool #8

The only device that will be in my classroom this fall will be an iPod Touch. Already having an iPhone, and have used and set up i Pads and iPod Touches in another school that I was previously employed, I am very familiar with the device and its software. This past school year, I actually downloaded a couple of Health Fitness apps in my iPhone. I had a few of my students play with the apps and provide me with feedback. I was able to determine which apps my students were most interested in. I think managing the devices will be challenging because our classroom is either a gymnasium or the outdoors. I will definitely create and implement technology guidelines that my students will sign. They will also have to sign a document establishing the proper usage and procedures in handling the devices. In this document, students will understand what they are being held accountable for and what are the consequences of defying the procedures. Because my class size is pretty big, I will have to assign a group of students with collecting and handing out the iPods. These students will have to make sure that all iPods are turned off and report any damages. I believe that assigning numbers to the iPods will be a good idea for the overall distribution of the devices. It will help me determine which student is assigned to which iPod. Furthermore, I will spend a couple of days explaining to my students how we will be using the iPods and when we will be using them.
Tool #7

Content Objective: TLW apply how to bench press, chest press, or leg curl by demonstrating the proper form and technique needed while exercising on these weight-room machines in order to avoid any serious injuries.

Implementation: The third week of the fall semester. The unit will proceed for two weeks.
I expect to take my students to the library and obtain the necessary information to complete this collaborative project.

Tools: Prezi, YouTube, Google Docs, and Skype

Plan: The plan is to research proper wight lifting techniques in particular the bench press, chest press, and leg curl (I will add additional options according to class size). My students will get in groups and choose from either of the three weight room machines. The idea is to gather enough information about the three weight lifting techniques through Google Docs.  They will be able to share any documents found and created on Google Docs. Furthermore, they will also be using YouTube to find videos on either technique to provide feedback on their perception of the proper form vs. the videos demonstration of a proper form. I also expect my students to gather information and discuss the importance of avoiding injuries, repetitions, sets, and number of weights by creating a video in Prezi. In the end we will use Skype to show our findings and ultimately model the proper way to bench press, chest press, or leg curl.

Collaboration: I hope to collaborate with another high school Health Fitness class to demonstrate our findings. I would like for the other class to share their findings of other techniques that my classroom is not doing so that both classrooms are able to learn about proper weightlifting forms. In the end, the goal is to get my students motivated so that when they step foot inside a gym they are not intimidated by the weightlifting machines, instead they are confident with engaging in weightlifting.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Tool #6

I really enjoyed tool number six, it might actually be my favorite tool so far! I found a lot of interesting web tools that will be very cool to use in my classroom. Unfortunately, I will have to plan more accordingly to use such tools because some of the web tools require materials that my students do not have access to during Health Fitness. None the less, I will still like to try it out and see if these tools promote discussion in my class. The two tools I really like are, Today's Meet and Poll Everywhere. With Today's Meet, I really like how a discussion continues through a text or tweet. I would use this tool at the end of class, after my students are done dressing out, to start a discussion of a certain topic or to review what we all learned that day. You can find a sample of my Today's Meet here.....today.io/642a. With Poll Everywhere, you can create a poll and use it as a multiple choice or open ended quiz/test. I can see a lot of teachers using this tool, especially as bell work. I would use the poll as a quiz and have my students respond to the answers during class. Both tools allow the student to respond via text message. Today, our generation tends to communicate without saying a single word...instead we use text messaging, twitter, and instant messaging. Even though my students will not be talking to each other with words, it still promotes discussion via text messaging. Here is a sample of my poll http://www.polleverywhere.com/multiple_choice_polls/LTEzODQ4MDQ5NjE. 
I can not wait to use these tools in my class!!!!